Friday, December 9, 2016

I am so excited/nervous to share a unique post with you today. I am going to open up about some personal insecurities I have been dealing with along with a lot of unedited bare skin selfies.... so be ready and be nice! 

I have recently have been going through a series of facial treatments to better my skin and correct some damage that has been done over the years.  I have teamed up with Annie Bruno, aesthetics nurse at Dr. Todd Hobgood's office constructing a series of at home skin care regiments as well as  facial treatments at their Scottsdale office. 

This year I turned 30, which really isn't that old in the grand scheme of things, however there was a bell that went off in my head. Thirty is an age where I need to start to think about proper skin care, aging lines, dark spots, sun protection, etc, etc. The list could go on and on but together Annie and I sat down at a consultation to concentrate on a few specific focal areas. I have very fair skin that attracts every single ray of sun  that could possibly shine.  From being a kid living in the sun to my teenage years of unlimited months in tanning beds I have given myself skin damage. Dark spots or as I cutely call them sun kisses (which we all know is not really a kiss) have been bothering me for years so that was one area on concentration.

The second area of concentration was the aging process of my facial skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are starting to appear, marks or scars from over the years, and general wear and tear on my face. I don't in any means think I look too old or have any large amount of facial discoloration or scares. I have been lucky through out my life to not have much acne however getting older my insecurities have grown. I mean we all want to look young right?

Today I am going to share the second part of my journey with you, concentrating on a treatment called Microneedling. At first I was hesitant... you mean you are going to stab me with a million needles and blood will be all over my face? Who am I, Kim K? BUT it was unlike any experience I had ever had and I felt NO pain! Here is a little information about microneedling and who/what it benefits:

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is recognized as one of the gold standard treatment options that can help to improve the overall tone + texture of the skin, while simultaneously stimulating new and healthy collagen. Any time the skin endures an injury it kicks into wound healing mode, and new tissue is generated. Microneedling (when the appropriate device, depth, and products are needled into the skin) is considered a safe skin care injury procedure that shows marked improvement, with very minimal downtime. Every time a patient has microneedling performed their skin will be better than its original baseline, and on-going procedures are hugely beneficial for age management and preventative purposes. Only licensed, medical professionals are able to penetrate into the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, which provides a more aggressive treatment, with measurable outcomes.

my experience: I arrived at the office and Annie put a gel substance on my face which numbed my entire face! It took an hour to set in, then I was ready for my treatment. It took about 20 minutes-ish for the microneedling treatment to be completed. It did not hurt but was a weird feeling. I think these photos look way worse than it actually was or felt.

I will have some after photos for you in the follow up post on how my skin has been feeling and looking since the microneedling treatment.

For questions, or a complimentary skin care consultation with Annie Bruno, RN please call 480.214.9955. Mention this post during scheduling and receive your first microneedling treatment for 50% off- $150 (a savings of $150). Gift Cards are available for the holiday season!

I must say, these skin treatments are doing wonders for my face. I have been going days without make up and not feeling as insecure as I once did. The tone of my face as improved tremendously and I am looking forward to see how the texture is after this microneedling process is complete. 

In a few weeks I will be sharing the first part of my journey that I am currently still going through. It as been a series of what they call photofacials which has been improving the skin color and damage spots on my face.  So stay tuned!

oversized sweaters
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

sweater // jeans (old - similar) // boots (old - similar) // bag c/o Gigi New York // hair bow // earrings

Happy Hump Day, can someone please tell me how we are already into December? How is time flying so quickly? Before we know it Christmas will be here in a flash, but hopefully not too soon as I am still not done with my shopping yet! We have been decorating tho and it is so exciting around the house. We have never had a holiday season at home so exciting things are happening along with new traditions being formed. You can see some of decorating on Instagram!

Can I just let you know how much I am loving oversize sweaters lately? A casual boots, jeans, and sweater look has been my go to on these chilly winter days. Running errands, lunch dates, or even meetings oversized sweaters are such an easy yet put together look. I picked this one up a few weeks ago (also comes in 2 other colors!) and have pretty much worn it out since.  Adding my favorite bow I picked up during the black Friday deals from Anthropologie give this blush pink outfit the perfect extra touch. Plus it brings out my inner Gossip Girl  I have been missing!

Shop The Look:

Holiday Wishlist: Home Decor
Friday, December 2, 2016


This is our first Christmas as a married couple and I am so exited! Every year Stephen and I travel to Canada to visit my family for the Holidays but this year we have decided to stay in Arizona and have Christmas at home. Being that we are now married, I have made it my mission to finally decorate the master bedroom. I have always heard the expression that an organized and zenful sleeping space leads to an organized and zenful day to day life.

After spending time and hours searching Pinterest and home decorating insta pages to find exactly what I am looking for. So here are a few items I have on my holiday wishlist for home decor!

1. mirrored chest - now 65% off!
2. a set of mirrored photo frames
3. throw pillow
4. lamps
5. candle holders
6. rug
7. decor baskets
8. bedroom bench
9. gold tray
10. knit throw

Fall Beauty Trends: Holiday Look
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

skirt // top // heels (45% off!) // clutch // earrings // lips

Today is the 5th and final week of my Fall Beauty Trends series with Beauty Brands. I am show casing how I took all my favorite trends from over the last 4 weeks and put them together for one great holiday look! This time of year we have christmas parties, cookie gatherings, family get togethers, and so much more. I am taking all the tips and ticks I have shared over the previous posts to make ourselves feel and look out best this season!

Holiday Look essentials:
If you are roaming your closet having a hard time finding something to wear, settling for a black on black ensemble is always a chic idea. Adding accessories and beauty products is an easy way to spice the look up, as I did here with a pop of red in the lip, leopard clutch and nude heels to elongate the legs!

I used a few skin care products to achieve this look, especially since I have bare legs. I am usually paste white all year long, it gets even worse in the summer so I make sure to self tan with St. Tropez's self tanner in the winter months. Usually one application a week is good on Thursday evening so I am set for the weekend! I also like to keep my skin extra hydrated by using Hemp Body Moisture! It is amazing and keeps the dry flaky skin limited during these cold months. 

Next up, I styled my hair little more festive than usual. If you remember last weeks hair tutorial, I mentioned a deeper side part can change up your look drastically. It allows for any statement earrings to show at all time!

I toped the look off with a bold red lip by Julep. I chose a glossier shimmer color for two reasons; 1. it adds moisture to the lips and 2. I think a shiny shimmer looks is very festive for this time of year! I also made sure to follow my winter make up tutorial (from week 3!) which adds a little more color and contour to my face as well. The Tarte palette is truly amazing, so many different looks can come from one pallet! I highly recommend. 

Hope you enjoyed my 5 weeks series of beauty. Hope some of my tips and tricks helped and will continue to help you through this holiday season! If you missed any of the previous posts you can catch them below:
week 1 - Fall Lips

* This post was sponsored by Beauty Brands, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Cyber Monday Deals
Monday, November 28, 2016

sleep shorts - was $30 ----- now $16.07
free people socks -was $24 ------- now $12.85
beanie - 30% off $18.50
camo joggers - was $59.90 ----- now $29.95
scarf - $24.99 (spend $30 get 20% off!)
navy dress - was $48 ---- now $25.72 (comes in 4 colors!)
lace top - was $44.90 ---- now $22.45
burgundy jacket - was $58 ---- now $30.31
sweater dress - was $69.90 --- now $34.95
white coat - was $228 ----- now $119.91

So many great deals STILL going on! Make sure to take advantage of CYBER MONDAY!

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Black Friday Deals!
Friday, November 25, 2016

dress (only $46!) // jacket (under $100!)  // bag (on sale!!) // boots (on sale for $35!) // earrings (only $20) // bracelet (on sale for $28) // lips in brave

Happy BLACK FRIDAY! One of the biggest shopping days of the year, amazing right?! I used to go to the stores and battle the crowds until I realized shopping fro my cozy bed on my computer was so much better. With all the free shipping and huge discounts online is where its at. Today I have put together a list of my favorite stores with their discount codes! Scroll to the bottom of the post to see more!


Ann Taylor - 50% off using code: CELEBRATE
Anthropologie - 30% off using code: LETSGO
ASOS - 30% off using code: THANKFUL30
Banana Republic - 50% off 5 regular priced items using code: BRFIVE and 40% off the rest of your purchase with code: BRFROSTY
BaubleBar - 30% off using code: THANKS30
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J.Crew - 40% off using code: HOLIDAY
LOFT - 50% off using code: FRIYAY
MACY'S - 20% off + free shipping over $50 using code: THANKS
Nordstrom - up to 40% off designer collections + up to 20% off regular items
OLD NAVY - up to almost 50% off everything at checkout (*add item to bag then head to check out to see discount!)
TARGET - 30% off clothes, shoes, and accessories

Fall Beauty Trend: Hair
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite winter hair styles. I typically wear my hair the same year round only make a few changes BUT those changes can really make a difference. Take a look at what products I use from stepping out of the shower to stepping out of the house!

Starting as soon as I get out of the shower I spray my it's a 10 light (since I have fine hair I like the light!) leave in conditioner. Before brushing I take one pump of the Moroccanoil treatment and apply it to my ends for moisture and protection!

Just before I blow dry I use this Kenra thickening mousse which I have found to be life changing! I have only been using it for 3 weeks but I LOVE it! It does not leave my hair crunch or have a weird texture, it simply adds a little thickness to my think lock. Next I spray just two sprays of this Kenra blow dry mist for extra heat protection on my blonde hair. My hair usually breaks really easily and in the process of trying to get it healthy I have found thermal protectants to be key. 

My final steps I will show in detail below! 

After my hair is blowdried I try to wait a few hours before applying more heat such as a curling iron or straightener. I use another heat protectant, the S factor and spray lightly all over my hair making sure I get the ends.  I tent to do a deeper side part in the winter months, not a middle part at all and for a more elegant look I do a really deep side part. 

The next step is the actual curling. I like the 1" curling iron for a more curled look. I always make sure to curl away from my face!! That is a super important key component. Another important part of this look is keeping the last inch or so of my hair out of the curling iron. This gives a more messy natural look rather than ringlets. Also, sine I am trying to grow my hair out I find it allows my hair to appear longer as well!

I make sure to curl both side away from my face not just one!

The final step is to spray using Kenra Volume Spray. Its the best hairspray I have ever used leaving again no crunchy or sticky feeling!

There you have it! Easy peasy and an every day perfect look or even holiday party appropriate! Remember the three key points: 1. use a smaller curling iron than you do for beachy summer waves, 2. curl away from your face, and 3. leave about an inch of hair out at the end.

This concludes week 4 of my 5 week Fall Beauty Trends with Beauty Brands. Next week is week 5, make sure you check back in to what I have specially for you!

* Thank you to Beauty Brands for sponsoring this post, all optioning and reviews are my own.