the best Spring shoes
Friday, May 12, 2017

Hello! Sorry it has been so long since the last post, we are moving in one week (insert panicked freak out!) so things have been.... well, stressful. Moving in general is stressful but moving countries is an entire new level. Needless to say we are just ready to be gone and start the summer up in Canada. I have been going through my closet these past few days getting rid of a ton of clothes. We are moving to a small town, and the weather is not nearly the same as it is in Arizona. I have been stocking up on items like shoes, flat sandals, more jeans, and little cover ups since its a little county town no need for 30 pairs of heels and tight dresses. For Sofia I have been doing the same, laying clothes, and lots of shoes/boots. She will be running in the fields, mud, and spending almost all her time outdoors so proper footwear is going to be a must. 

Stesha: kimono c/o // jeans (old - similar) // tank // sandals c/o // necklace
Sofia: boots c/o 

How amazing are these sea green shoes for us both?! I am absolutely obsessed with the color, I actually let Sofia choose which color she wanted and was so happy with her choice. I LOVE my sandals, they are extremely comfortable and the ties are so fun. For Sofia, I went with the boots (jealous I didn't choose them as well, they are adorable!) because she will be spending the next few months outside. These are light and soft which makes them the perfect spring shoe for children!

I am trying to keep up with posting and once we are moved and settled I promise I will be back to normal. Until then feel free to follow along on Instagram as I am posting more about our adventure there :)

Instagram Round Up: Spring Season
Thursday, April 27, 2017

It has been a hot minute since I have done an Instagram round up for you! Since Spring is in full swing all over the country I put together some of my favorite Spring looks for you to browse. PLUS, so many items are on sale (score!!) like this go-to gray cross body, or this light and cozy cardigan, and these favorite block heels I LOVE. Also, some of my favorite every day items now come in multiple colors like; this pocket tee (only $24 and comes in a variety of colors!) or this blouse cami which now comes in over 10 colors and is only $30. Plus my new obsession bag in blush (also comes in 2 other colors now!) so many great options to spruce your closet. 

90% of these items are under $100 and 75% are under $50! 

jeans // shoes // top // bag // necklace

top // jacket // shorts // bag // necklace

tee // shorts // bomber jacket // bag // choker // 

top // shorts // shoes // bag // earrings

tee // shorts // bag // sunnies // necklace 

shorts // top // shoes // bag // earrings

dress // shoes // bag

jeans // top // shoes // bag // earrings

jeans // top // wedges // bag // necklace

jeans // top // bag // necklace

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be working away on packing, I can't believe we leave to move to a different country in less than one month..... eeek! So crazy! You can follow along on instastories, Happy Weekend!

we are excited to announce....
Monday, April 17, 2017

...... we are moving to Canada!

It has been a long road to get to this point, but the stars started to align in so many ways we never thought possible. The dreams we had, the dreams we have been working so hard to get to, they are becoming reality NEXT month. We still have to pinch ourselves every once in a while to make sure aren't dreaming anymore and this is actually happening! 

why Canada?

My entire family lives in British Columbia, Canada. I was born and raised in central BC, Okanagan, where my family still is. After Stephen and I decided to get married we knew it would be a goal to one day move to BC and continue to raise our family. 

what will we miss about Arizona?

Oh there are so many things! Most importantly we are going to miss Stephen's family! His parents and one of his brothers (and his family!) live in Arizona. We can't wait for them to come visit us in Canada! Other things we will miss: TARGET!!! What will I do without target?! The variety of restaurants and for Stephen all his fast food restaurants he loves so much. I am going to miss the beautiful desert and sun everyday, but we are excited to have actual seasons. We will also miss the the easy accessibility to almost everything being here in a huge city. It will be an adjustment going to a small town,  dealing with weather issues, and learning to cook each night but we are up for the challenge!

what does this mean for C&B?

As most of my blog content is focused around Fashion and Style I am going to do my best to try and keep that up...however the mall in our new town is not very mall-ish. The closest actual mall is an hour from me, and the closest Nordstrom is 4 hours... what!!! So I know there will be some adjustments in this area as well. I am going to do my best to give updates on how the move is going for us, our life getting settled in a new area, and all other parts of life. So I ask that you stay with me and be patient as we take on this adventure and see how the blog plays along!

what about my Stesha Jordan Photography company?

Yes, that will continue! I am excited to already be working as soon as we arrive. The Okanagan (the area of BC we will be moving) is gorgeous and their wedding industry is huge! As much as I am going to miss the beautiful desert landscape, I am excited to be able to photograph lakes side weddings, wineries, and the incredible forest. You can follow along on that journey as well if you would like here on my website or here on instagram! Will I be back to Arizona?! Heck YES! For all of my amazing clients in Arizona I will be retuning twice a year, Fall and Spring to still capture your special moments. My Fall dates are already book, so email me for booking info: 

Thank you all for being such amazing and loyal readers of Classic & Bubbly! It has been amazing to write over the years and share my life with you all. I am even more excited to share this huge adventure that we, as a family are taking on! If you have any question about moving countries we have quickly become experts haha! The process has been long, tiring, and stressful but the hard part is over (well half way over!) and the fun part is about to begin!

outfit details: dress, booties

photos by: Larissa Jean Photography 

3 Spring must have items
Friday, April 7, 2017

jeans (old - similar) // shoes (under $60!) // top // bag (under $50!) // earrings c/o

One of the goals I had when building my wardrobe was to buy staple items I could mix and match with often.  I have found if I invest in a few items that I love, I can add little new items here and there each season to spruce up my looks. This outfit has 3 of my 'must have' items:

pants and shorts are a must have for my closet. long jeans are versatile and can be worn through all 4 seasons (winter white !) and white denim shorts are a go to for me during both Spring and Summer!

2. comfy pair of wedges
I am a bargain shopper but I am all about comfort. these  cognac wedges are the knock off version and are only $59.00! they are super comfy and literally go with every outfit possible!

3. a natural colored crossbody
I love light and airy summer colors so a nude, blush, cream colored bag is a necessity! like this one which is only $44!

Once I have found my to go items, it has been so much easier (and quicker!) throwing together outfits. I don't struggle with, "i have nothing to wear" nearly as much as I used too! Yes, of course I am always looking for something newer or brighter but for the most part once I have my staple items in my wardrobe it is all about mixing and matching!

Happy Friday,