sundress on a country road
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

dress // hat // shoes c/o // ring (old - similar)

Happy Wednesday, this week has been flying by for me! We have been staying super busy with the home build still going on (promise I will get a full post up soon! until then follow along on instastories!) we are spending every free moment we have working at it. The crazy thing about being so far north is that our summer nights are incredibly long. We still have full day light at 9:30 or 10:00 at night... what! Something we are totally not used too and it throwing our game way off!

On a fashion note, I bought this dress as I was leaving Arizona at Target for $29.99! I was so in love with the soft pink color of the material and the ruffled cold shoulder sleeves that it instantly stole my heart. For 30 bucks, I couldn't possibly say no! 

I feel very Julia from Gal Meets Glam while I stroll along the country road in a pretty maxi dress and sun hat. Although, her photos are from fields in France my small Canadian town will do just fine for me! 

One of the biggest challenges I faced internally when moving was, what am I going to do with all these clothes I have accumulated over the years now that I am living in a small country town? 

Well I have a new outlook on fashion and wearing my nice clothes. I was visiting with my cousin who has a 2 year old precious girl. I noticed my nice niece was always running around in pretty dresses and rompers playing outside while stomping in the mud. I asked my cousin if it was a pain to wash her clothes all the time? She responded with 'Nope, I figured if I always worried about her clothes getting dirty she would never wear any of her super cute outfits, so I figured why the hell not just wear them?' That statement sunk in hard, why had I never thought that way? Sofia has so many cute dresses or tops that I am 'saving' for the right time. Well, here it is. The time is NOW! Why save them? For me, why save my pretty dresses and not wear them because I am in a small town? Why not wear my face up sandals or wedges?

So here has it, I get up and get dressed everyday. Yesterday I was sweeping the new dusty half build house in my white jeans, I am running errands in sundresses, and I am using my clothes (or what I can find of my clothes at this moment!), no more 'saving' for the right time, the time is now!


where the wildflowers grow
Monday, June 5, 2017

 lace dress (similar) // cardigan // denim jacket // bag // rain boots c/o
Sofia: dress // rain boots c/o 

When moving to Canada we knew there would be a few adjustments we would need to make. As much as we feel Canada is the same as the U.S., it is not. For starters, Canada has colorful money so we never get our bills mixed up! Second, we have different holidays, such as an extra day for Easter Monday, Thanksgiving is in October not November, and we get Boxing Day which is the day after Christmas. Finally the biggest adjustment for us when moving, especially from Arizona where it is sunny and hot 360 days a year, was weather. We now get 4 amazing seasons which also means we need 4 seasons of clothing and more importantly we need more than just sandals and flip flops!

Arriving in Spring this year, our wardrobes needed some updating. We still need to keep up with everyday life even if it happens to be raining or wet outside. Insert Rainbows, umbrella's, and layered clothing BIG TIME!

These purple wildflowers grow on the side of the road alllll over the town! (I am seriously obsessed with them, you can see more photos from our visit to Canada last year in this post) Sofia has been eyeing these flowers ever since we arrived. Asking to play in them daily, I finally gave in last week when we were on our way to the garden center. She LOVED it! Running and jumping I could help but smile. We have been in the desert so long and for Sofia her entire life, so this green trees and flower thing is new. 

We picked out some fabulous flowers for our new home when it is ready. Sofia decided on lots of pink (of course!) white, and a garden! We want to grow our own strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes. I am sure there will be more but this a good start. :)

When we arrived at my moms house 2 weeks ago, our new Kamik Rain Boots were already waiting for us! Kamik had reached out prior to our moved knowing our plans to relocate and also knowing Spring had been rainier than usual. We were definitely going to be needing boots! Thank goodness they did, because these have saved our lives the las couple of weeks. With just a few rain storms here and there it hasn't been terrible but with wet fields and grass and gardens we have been wearing them all. the. time! I must say, I love my Hunters but these Kamik boots may have just taken 1st place, they are SO comfortable. Made here in Canada, Sofia was excited to open the box with the big red maple leaf sticker on it that said "made in Canada!'. 

Home is Canada!
Friday, June 2, 2017

Oh gosh, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been! I apologize for the lack in posts, we are finally starting to get settled here in our new town. If you have been following on instagram, you know we have moved from Arizona to British Columbia, Canada last week! (if you missed the announcement post, you can read it here). 

I haven't taken the time to talk much about my personal life lately so I thought with all the down time, and lack of outfits I have been able to shoot, I would take this Friday to give the new readers and my old ones a little background on what has been going on with me. Life has sure been crazy the last few years, first off I can't believe how fast time is passing... June 2017, really?

If you are a loyal reader from the start you know I started Classic & Bubbly as an outlet from my then day job. During the 6 years I have had C&B I've been able to start my own Photography company, Stesha Jordan Photography and take Classic & Bubbly on full time. It has seriously been a dream! Being behind the lens and in front, I have loved every minute. C&B turned more fashion and beauty related as I continued through the years. 3 years ago, I met Stephen who had a beautiful 4 year old daughter, Sofia. Fast forward to now, we are married (celebrated our 1st anniversary in April!) and now have recently moved, the three of us and our pups, to British Columbia, Canada. 

Hoping to keep up with C&B as much as I used too as a single gal has been more of a struggle than I was expecting. With an active 7 year old full time and two pups running the house, high heels and purses have had to take a bit of a back burner. I am hoping to bring more lifestyle and the family to C&B to share as much as possible, or as much as Stephen and I think is appropriate. Life has changed here for me, A LOT, so naturally to keep authentic the blog has and will be changing too!

We decided to make the move back to my hometown in the Okanagan Valley in BC as soon as we got married. Wanting to give our children the BEST childhood possible which was just not happening in Arizona. The stars alined for us in so many ways, honestly our dream we spoke about each night never really seemed to be possible. Until it was! Then, everything moved fast, 4.5 months fast. From the date we sent in our application to the residency visa's in hand for both Stephen and Sofia. Life as we knew it was about to get good, real good!

We landed in the Okanagan on May 24th, the best day ever! We drove to The Farm, where I grew up as a child and where my grandfather (who has now passed it down to my father) still owns 20 acres. It was such an amazing day with laughter, photos, fun, excitement, and love. I will never forget that day! (photos at bottom from the arrival day. I am not sure who is happier on The Farm...Sofia, Levi or Coors.... all of them just run until they drop!)

Other exciting news that I am going to be incorporating into my posts is.... we are building a house!  You guessed it, on The Farm! If you follow on snap (SteshJordan) you have probably seen the updates. We are SO so excited to have our own little country farm house on an old dirt road. Until the house is ready we are staying with my mom (insert craziness) but we wouldn't have it any other way!

So there you have it, HOME is Canada! We are so excited to be here. As we walk the fields daily  we think how lucky we are to have it. I will keep these updates coming, I know lots is changing around here but all for the BEST! 

ps. this sweatshirt was a gift from my soul sister and cousin when we arrived home as a welcome home gift. It is Canadian made by a company called Peace Collective!

the best Spring shoes
Friday, May 12, 2017

Hello! Sorry it has been so long since the last post, we are moving in one week (insert panicked freak out!) so things have been.... well, stressful. Moving in general is stressful but moving countries is an entire new level. Needless to say we are just ready to be gone and start the summer up in Canada. I have been going through my closet these past few days getting rid of a ton of clothes. We are moving to a small town, and the weather is not nearly the same as it is in Arizona. I have been stocking up on items like shoes, flat sandals, more jeans, and little cover ups since its a little county town no need for 30 pairs of heels and tight dresses. For Sofia I have been doing the same, laying clothes, and lots of shoes/boots. She will be running in the fields, mud, and spending almost all her time outdoors so proper footwear is going to be a must. 

Stesha: kimono c/o // jeans (old - similar) // tank // sandals c/o // necklace
Sofia: boots c/o 

How amazing are these sea green shoes for us both?! I am absolutely obsessed with the color, I actually let Sofia choose which color she wanted and was so happy with her choice. I LOVE my sandals, they are extremely comfortable and the ties are so fun. For Sofia, I went with the boots (jealous I didn't choose them as well, they are adorable!) because she will be spending the next few months outside. These are light and soft which makes them the perfect spring shoe for children!

I am trying to keep up with posting and once we are moved and settled I promise I will be back to normal. Until then feel free to follow along on Instagram as I am posting more about our adventure there :)

Instagram Round Up: Spring Season
Thursday, April 27, 2017

It has been a hot minute since I have done an Instagram round up for you! Since Spring is in full swing all over the country I put together some of my favorite Spring looks for you to browse. PLUS, so many items are on sale (score!!) like this go-to gray cross body, or this light and cozy cardigan, and these favorite block heels I LOVE. Also, some of my favorite every day items now come in multiple colors like; this pocket tee (only $24 and comes in a variety of colors!) or this blouse cami which now comes in over 10 colors and is only $30. Plus my new obsession bag in blush (also comes in 2 other colors now!) so many great options to spruce your closet. 

90% of these items are under $100 and 75% are under $50! 

jeans // shoes // top // bag // necklace

top // jacket // shorts // bag // necklace

tee // shorts // bomber jacket // bag // choker // 

top // shorts // shoes // bag // earrings

tee // shorts // bag // sunnies // necklace 

shorts // top // shoes // bag // earrings

dress // shoes // bag

jeans // top // shoes // bag // earrings

jeans // top // wedges // bag // necklace

jeans // top // bag // necklace

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be working away on packing, I can't believe we leave to move to a different country in less than one month..... eeek! So crazy! You can follow along on instastories, Happy Weekend!