Wednesday, September 30, 2015

fall maxi style

dress c/o Sophie & Trey // Forever21 jacket // handbag c/o White Plum Boutique // Forever21 shoes // layered necklaces Forever21 + Nordstrom  (similar) // watch c/o LuLu*s (similar option) // bracelet c/o Pink Slip Boutique (similar option) // Elf Lipstick ($3!!)

How fantastic is this high low maxi?! Typically I don't think of maxi dresses as being a fall staple but since I am here living in Arizona with temperatures reaching 105 during the day I decided they most certainly are! I believe paired with he right shoes + accessories maxi's are wonderful for those warmer states who are just dying to get into the fall feel. 

Also, can we take a second to discuss two things: 1. I am absolutely obsessed with the color burgundy  again this fall/winter. I mean o b s e s s e d! I try to incorporate it into each outfit I have been wearing lately. which brings me to 2. look at these burgundy shoes! (insert a million heart eye emogi's) they are from forever21 and they are under $25.... get to buyin' ya hear me? you can thank me later!

Monday, September 21, 2015

blush pink for fall

jeans c/o Aeropostale (sold out - similar) // plaid shirt c/o Aeropostale // vest: Old Navy (similar) // ballet flats c/o Aeropostale // bag c/o Shopbop (here) // watch c/o LuLu*s (similar) // bracelet c/o PinkSlip Boutique (similar) // necklace: Nordstrom (sold out - similar) // earrings c/o happiness boutique // sunglasses: RayBans (here)

Hi! Oh how I have missed you all! Life is finally turning into a little bit of a routine and I was able to get a few outfit shoots done so I can share some of my favorite fall looks! Are you following along on Instagram?! If not, you should be as I still try to post my outfit there often. Anywhoooo.... Okay so initially I thought blush pink and white were only okay for Spring outfits.... WRONG! I have been obsessed with this color combo for a few weeks now. I try to add a few darker tints here and there for more "fall-y" feel like my army green Old Navy vest. I also think the blush pink is a great mix with burgundy or wine tones as well if you are living in one of those cold states. But here in AZ since the temperatures are still near 100 degrees I feel the light airy colors are perfectly acceptable for fall!

PS If you haven't been over to Aeropostale lately, go! They have amazing sales and their fall collection is really doing things! 

shop the look below:

Monday, August 17, 2015

happy monday!

jeans c/o Target // top: Loft (similar) // Michael Kors bag c/o Shopbop // hat: Forever21 // booties: Old Navy (old - want these this year!) // PinkSlip Boutique bangle c/o (very similar

Happy Monday!

I took these photos a few weeks ago + finally had some time yesterday to go through them to make this blog post. THESE jeans.... I'm obsessed! Seriously. and best part they are at all Targets + under $30. which makes me obsessed even more. I am totally that person that hates spending more than $50 on almost anything. maybe i'm cheap, but I just can't justify it in my head. I literally think everything cost under $50 so when I see price tags over that amount i get real confused [inset bug eyed emoji here]. 

Anyways, I have missed you all, thanks so much for still sticking around while I adjust to this new wave of life! if you want to keep up with my day to day activities [not just fashion posts] follow along on insta :) hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

the perfect "bar table" on a budget

Welcome to my "Bar Table" as I call it! I have dreamed of a bar cart for as long as I could think of. Not because I drink a lot of alcohol but because I really believe it is one of the chic-est decor items for a home! Needless to say Stephen thinks completely opposite of me (what man wouldn't?!) so it has not been  priority in the home. 

We are only renting this home, so doing major decorating to its space it not really necessary as we should really be saving that $$ for when we buy our own home. So in the mean time, I have have made my own version of a bar cart known as the bar table! or telling from this photo more of a wine + water table!! Take a look below for details:

* table was $6 I bought from a thrift store years a go. It has been every color imaginable but now is a light gray, I painted myself! I used my basic's around the house to put on the table. Each item I believe is under $16... not expensive at all. 

I LOVED this little horse design lemon bowl (I actually think its a cereal bowl but non the less it looks great as my lemon/lime bowl! ($12 from Anthropologie!). 

I have been collecting these half liter and liter serving jars (i think thats what they are called) whenever I am in goodwill or some thrift store. I think they cost me $1 or $1.50! 

My biggest splurge which was actually a gift from Stephen for my birthday (see deep down inside he does support my bar table want!) were these beautiful Kate Spade wine glasses. They are over $16.... not each but for the set.  I love them so much!

Finally I have my Target gold geometric vase ($16) that I use for all my fresh flowers. Target paper straws ($1) Sofia calls them her special hot chocolate straws, we now almost have every color in the house!
And the last touch were these B A R letters ($2.99) from Michaels! I was looking and looking everywhere for a BAR sign but refused to pay over $20. I mean you can barely see it, why would I spend a fortune? and in the next house it will probably not be the right size anyways SO i decided to just buy regular wood letters from Michaels and hang them. They were the perfect touch!

There you have it, my simple, inexpensive "bar table" that fits in the perfect little corner of the home. As I go through little by little, I am finally getting the home where I want it to be. And with just my luck we will probably be ready for a new home as soon as it's finished.... but then I get to re-decorate all over again!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the perfect transition romper

Shein romper c/o (under $20!!) // Forever21 denim jacket // fringe bag // Kendra Scott necklaces (here + here) // Loft sunglasses // PinkSlip Boutique bracelet c/o (very similar)

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately.... this sentence sounds just like the post before. Guess it's time to get explaining a few things to you all.  As much as I love blogging it has definitely changed in the past few years. For both me and for bloggers in general I believe. 

For me, blogging used to be a hobby, a side job, a creative outlet. I didn't used to stress about every single sale going on, which clothes in my wardrobe were in stock online so I could put my outfits together, or spend hours upon hours searching the internet for items that were extremely similar to those that had already sold out. Phew, sounds like craziness! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about these struggles as I know there are doctors, lawyers, teachers etc going to work day in and day out with issues of their own. For me, my life has just changed and clothing + fashion blogging has been more difficult for me to concentrate my focus on. 

As many of you know from following along on Instgram that I am in a relationship + living with my boyfriend Stephen. He is amazing! It's the first time I have ever lived with a man before, so a learning process is taking place. We also have his 5 year old daughter (who you've probably died at how cute she is on insta!) living with us during the weeks, each week. Talk about change from condo living single life to suburb family life! haha! And I wouldn't trade it for the world but it has changed my direction on thoughts and priorities. This became very apparent when I didn't make it to Nordstrom once during the sale. Thats right, I didn't make it to Nordstrom in the past few weeks! Instead I spend time shopping for hello Kitty backpacks, school uniforms, hair bows that only come in red, white, or navy, + grocery shopping for foods that can be taken as lunches. 

For all the mom's out there that are killing it in style blogging as well as keeping their kids school ready and their homes clean..... hats off to you! Seriously. 

Another big reason for my break in blogging is my other business, and my main career, Photography! As the summer comes to an end the heat will also start to fade which means photography + wedding season kicks off in Arizona! I have been on over load with editing session, brainstorming for this coming seasons, + client meetings! This feels amazing. I LOVE what I do + need to make it my priority. You can follow along + see my new website I just designed WWW.STESHAJORDAN.COM and follow along on Instagram @SteshaJordanPhotography!

I am not saying goodbye to blogging, I will post when I can. Some weeks probably way more than others. I hope to get back to normal posting but if you don't hear from me for a few weeks now you know why! I always keep my Instagram updated with personal life so check there as well! @SteshaRose or you can find me on snapchat @SteshJordan

Monday, July 20, 2015

my sweet garden dress

After a 2 week break while visiting my family + doing photography in Canada I am back to blogging! 

I have had this dress for a few weeks now + can't seem to get enough of it! The material is super high weight which is perfect for summer time, and the back straps give just a little something extra. I dressed it up today with a clutch + heels but have also worn it with white chucks + a oversized tote. Either look is works perfect for this summer heat. 

shop the look below:

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